• Sharon Parsons

A visual of a non-logical decision

Now these two first two photos would make sense if they were reversed. You tough it out in a plain, country house while you save, and strategically plan to move to a beautiful brick, cape cod house on a lovely street, where you can enjoy the perks of being in town close to conveniences as you retire and grow older. Nope. Not the big guy and I. We did it in reverse. With absolutely no plan. On a whim. Steve just happened to see a small handmade sign attached to a mailbox post that said- For Sale By Owner, which began this interesting journey of moving here- you know, from in town pretty and easy to.....neither of those.

The colors and years of grime. What is up with the interior colors? Even separate they would be odd at best, but together- teal and orange? These were the colors of our new master bedroom.

The main part of this house was built in 1887 with the small addition of the kitchen and only bathroom built on decades later. To this day there are no water pipes in the house except in the crawl space of that addition. The basement is stacked river rocks and the house is as square as the day it was built. I have lived in 12 houses since moving out of my parent's house at the age of eighteen with a couple of them being newly built, and this is the warmest, most draft free of them all. The house has one large room in the back half that is the main living area of a family room and dining room. Our bedroom is very small, but downstairs, which was imperative - Steve has past cardiac issues, and I have had two knee surgeries so traversing the stairs multiple times a day didn't appeal to either of us. Steve goes upstairs here about twice a year- maybe.

So, the immediate plan after the closing was cleaning off years of dirt, and neutralizing the interior hues which started with purchasing and applying multiple five gallon buckets of Kilz even before the fun part of choosing colors. We covered every interior surface with Kilz- the floors, which were plywood, the walls, the trim, and the ceilings -every weeknight after work, and weekends, in between getting the pretty, nice house in town ready to list for sale. Let the fun begin.

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