• Sharon Parsons

The stairway and it's oddball ledge area:

The best way to describe the original look of the stairway would be the word- gross. It was cigarette smoke residue filthy- like decades worth….really, really, gross. As we traversed upwards or downwards we went very slowly because we did not want to hold onto the handrail or in any way come in contact with the walls.

The treads were well worn and the risers were an awful deep brown covered in grime.

We scrubbed the stairs and handrail which didn’t improve their looks in the slightest, so we determined the best solution was to carpet them- for freshness, safety, and looks. No vintage pretty qualities existed- no dreams of farmhouse chic was going to happen. Neutral carpet was the winner decision. We wouldn’t have to install it, and new carpet smell is awesome compared to what currently existed- win win.

Before that was added there was the complication of painting the walls, the ceiling, and this unusual ledge area which exists in front of the middle window on the front of the house. No idea what it’s original purpose was other than to be a conversation starter and a space that is a challenge to clean. Fifty weeks out of the year it holds nothing, and the other two weeks it holds a Christmas tree- just because we feel we need to justify it’s existence and utilize it in some fashion.

Fortunately we owned ladders that allowed us some flexibility in their movement as they were moved frequently to reach a little here and a little there. This again was Steve’s area due to the majority of it being done with the roller.

As he was on the ledge only accessible by ladder I mentioned to him that at any moment I could remove said ladder and he would be stranded. He was already spending time on one of his least favorite chores so I didn’t get a good one liner was more of a threat about paybacks. Lol

This isn’t a big area in square footage and even contains our foyer which is about 3 ft. x 3 ft.- enough room to open the front door. Apparently in 1887 they found foyers, closets, and hallways a complete waste of space as there are four identically sized rooms upstairs and you need to walk into the back two rooms to enter the front two. The wall surface was large though, so it was a real accomplishment to have it complete and fresh.

As I currently bound up and down this space daily I am thankful for the padding, carpet, and clean walls. More than that I’m thankful the big guy is tall, not afraid of heights, and of course helpful. One more area that went from awful to pleasant.

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