• Sharon Parsons

Two memorable points in time set in motion at Home Depot

A couple years ago we improved one third of the barn floor in looks as well as strength. The long day of installing the new boardswas productive with multiple friends assisting in a big way, and also due to a complete stranger. We started early and were off and running at a good pace. Oops, not enough nails for the nail gun. Hey Sharon, can you run to Harbor Freight to get them? Sure. An hour later I am back with a box of 2000 nails- that should certainly be enough. Now onto lunch- I had made a menu sheet for the guys to check the appropriate boxes of what they wanted. The meal was simple- the time spent laughing together was enjoyable. Back to work. Oops, not enough sheets of plywood. Hey Sharon, can you run to Home Depot in BG to get three more sheets. Sure. So, I am almost there and realize I have made a big mistake- no wallet. I check my pocket and I have $50 and that's not going to cut it- not even close. I normally have a few $20s stashed in my van for that unexpected stop at a garage sale.....nope...must have not replenished those after the last sale purchase. I always keep at least a $5 in with the coin holder in case I stop for fast food.....nope....spent it on my last filet of fish at McDonalds. I quickly open my CD holder and can't believe my eyes- an almost comical wad of one dollar bills. Absolutely no idea when I put those there- so long ago I completely forgot, and truly where did I get that crazy amount of ones? I arrive at Home Depot to join the line of DIY couples waiting for the lumber department staff to cut their plywood into the desired dimensions other than a full 4x8 sheet. I am quickly calculating in my head as to what I might afford- the desired three pieces for the four men waiting in the barn so they can finish completely or only two. As my usual I engage in conversation with the nice couple ahead of me and explain that I need to stand there and count an odd amount of dollar bills to determine the extent of my purchase due to my inept, walletless, departure from home. Unbelievable- $60 in ones! I now have a total of $110- it will be close. We continue to have a dialog about our plywood projects while the saw is precisely cutting their boards. As the woman's husband loaded their last piece onto the large rolling cart she turned around and handed me a $10 bill. What? She said "I hope this makes a difference in you being able to get all of what you need to finish your project. Please do me a favor and sometime in the future give a stranger $10 when you see they need it." Wow- How nice!! I now have $120 in my pocket. The plywood is cut to size and I head to the checkout praying about my grand total- I really didn't know what it would be with tax and board cutting fees. After scanning the wood pieces and totaling all the fees the young cashier said "That will be $120.02." I just started laughing to which he asked why. I quickly told him the reason the total was so significant. He was in awe that another customer whom I didn't know gave me the exact amount of money I needed. He then took two pennies from his pocket and said- "That is the coolest story and I want to pay the last 2 cents for you." I smiled all the way home. There are so many nice people out there. Point of time number one.

Probably odd, but I actually don’t dread visiting a particular Department of Motor Vehicles- the downtown Toledo location. The employees are patient, helpful, and kind….seriously. If there is any aspect of renewing my license which requires my presence this is my first choice of where to accomplish it. So last year I was going for the enhanced license which required multiple documents and the process of obtaining the lovely photo. As I walked in there was a fairly long line which is unusual. I am really in no hurry so it’s all good and generally speaking the DMV is a place that at times contains some interesting dialogue between patrons and the staff. There was an older gentleman behind me and we began discussing what our end goal was for our time there. He was transferring some type of title that was a multi step process with this being the last step for him. As I am about half way through the wait I suddenly realize I do not have my glasses for the eye exam- they are in my van. I asked him if he would save my spot if I quickly ran out to get them and he smiled as he said it wouldn’t be a problem. Glasses in hand I completed all the required aspects of obtaining my new license. As I was exiting the building I searched for the gentleman to see if he also completed his desired goal. He had just stepped outside the building onto the sidewalk when I got his attention. He stated that he didn’t complete the process. He said he would need to return next month, to which I boldly inquired the reason he had to wait- you know, since we had established a relationship being in line and him saving my spot. lol He put his head down and quietly said he didn’t have the required amount of money and wouldn’t have it for several weeks. Well, me still being bold, and somewhat apologizing for asking I inquired the amount he needed… guessed it…..$10. I took out my wallet and pulled out a ten dollar bill that had been in there for all the months since my visit to Home Depot. I had put it in there the day after the kind stranger had gifted me that amount. I had been praying about and watching for the perfect opportunity to give it away- this was clearly it. I handed it to him and he actually had tears in his eyes as he said Thank-you. He was surprised, as I was, that a stranger would give someone money just because they cared enough to make their day better. It was my pleasure. I loved every minute of it. It was meaningful for him as well as me. He walked back in the building and I smiled all the way home again. Point of time number two. Both encounters will be remembered by me for years.

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